The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Would you like to treat yourself to something that nobody will imitate you so quickly? “Oversleep” a mid-range car in 24 hours? When the value of a couple of beautiful mid-range cars is in your bank account, then you can easily check into the ten most expensive hotels in the world and let your mind wander.

The most expensive hotels in the world: category “four-digit room prices”.

Let’s start with the cheapest of the most expensive hotels in the world and slowly work our way up. For just 9,700 euros per night you can let Frank Sinatra sing you to sleep in the “Presidential Suite Frank Sinatra” of the Hotel Cristallo in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The King of Swing actually already resided in this house and lived in the 180 square meter suite.

The most expensive hotels in the world: Category “One 1 and four more numbers before the decimal point”.

When Barack Obama is in Moscow, the United States of America will put 12,700 euros for the, how could it be otherwise, presidential suite at the Ritz-Carlton. Including a view of the Red Square through the surrounding window fronts.

The Seychelles offer heavenly days and fantastic sunsets over the Indian Ocean. Those who like it a little more luxurious in paradise should check into the Lemuria Resort and move into their own villa. The family, security staff and all other employees have plenty of space on 1,250 square meters.

The name Four Seasons already implies that the credit card should have at least gold status. Wake up at the Four Seasons George V in Paris, right on the Champs-Elysées, and watch the morning sun reflect in the glass Louvre. The two “Royal One-Bedroom-Suites”, the royal suites, offer the well-heeled guest a marble foyer and a fireplace made of the purest marble for winter nights in the city of love. If you like to sleep in luxury and, above all, for a long time, you can book an overnight stay at the Four Seasons George V for 13,000 euros. If you don’t sleep that long and would like to have breakfast in the hotel, you pay a little more.

Two of the ten most expensive hotels in the world are in Geneva. Geneva, the European headquarters of the United Nations and international economic center. The wealthy romp here. Those who have a little less wealth than the very wealthy move into the classicist-romantic Le Richmond Hotel. The “Royal Armleder Suite”, which consists of a total of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a lounge and dining room for eight people, is available for 13,500 euros per night. So that no guest wakes up dead the next morning, the windows are made of bulletproof bulletproof glass.

When you hear the keyword Burj al Arab in Dubai, you are sure to have a concrete picture in mind. The tower of the Arabs stretches on an island off Dubai like a sail at a height of 321 meters. The most expensive suite is probably at least in the mid five-digit range, but that’s not the case. The royal suite is available for 14,400 euros at the top of the hotel. Everything is completely private here: private reception, private elevator, private cinema, private helicopter landing pad.

Even a little more expensive than Dubai: Berlin. The Ritz-Carlton on Potsdamer Platz. The noble hotel in the heart of the German capital attracts with an apartment that Barack Obama, Madonna or Robbie Williams also like to move into. For 14,500 euros per night you as a guest get a breathtaking view over the zoo and the evening relaxation bath is let in for you by the suite’s own bath butler.

An entire fishing village was built for prominent and super-rich guests of Sardinia. However, this is not really a poor fishing village, but a top-class hotel complex. Anyone who has always wanted to live like a princess in a tower and look over the huge complex can do so for 17,000 euros. At these prices, the super-rich are of course among themselves and can stroll through the designer alleys of the village in peace.

The most expensive hotels in the world: Category “More than a 1 and four more numbers before the decimal point”.

In contrast to the Four Seasons in New York, the Four Seasons in Paris is downright a bargain, see picture on the left. You can easily get lost in the Ty Warner Penthouse, 213 meters high above Manhattan. The top floor of the Four Seasons Hotel encompasses nine rooms, including its own Zen garden and luxury spa. So that the guest does not get lost in the Big Apple, a Maybach or a Rolls Royce including chauffeur is included in the price. Price per night in the city that never sleeps: 30,000 euros.

Four nights in the most expensive hotel in the world will cost you about as much as an average single-family home. Only that you can spend your whole life in a single family home. The President Wilson Hotel on Lake Geneva is calling no less than 62,000 euros per night for the “Royal Penthouse Suite”. However, this is more of a penthouse than a suite: twelve bedrooms with private bathrooms, fitness studio, library, dining room for 26 people and a helicopter landing pad. In addition: The view of Lake Geneva and the Alps with Mont Blanc. Who can afford to spend the night in the most expensive hotel in the world? Top-class politicians like Shimon Peres, Bill Clinton, Prince Albert of Monaco and the King of Saudi Arabia. Bill Gates, Michael Douglas and Rihanna have also dreamed luxuriously sweet dreams here.

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