4 Make-up Errors They Age

Meet them and avoid them so as not to endanger the health and beauty of your epidermis.


A good makeup can do wonders for you but a bad application or a bad color selection can throw it all away. Don’t let it use errors, much more common than what we can judge, make her look older. Renew your beauty routine with the tips that the Ultimate Beauty met thinking itself.


Mistake number 1: excess basis


When the first wrinkles start to appear, many women try to cover them with thick layers. Unfortunately, rather than cover imperfections, make them stand out, once the product is installed in these small cracks, giving an aspect of the face mask. For flawless skin, opt for a net basis, with a formula for easy absorption. Poura small walnut in the Palm of your hand and apply it as a moisturizer, with the fingertips.


Mistake number 2: masks that weakened the eyelashes


Despite the rímeis waterproof have less propensity to stain, its strongest formulas can dry out your lashes, making them more fragile as we age. For long eyelashes and a look filled, make a line with a Brown pencil along the root of the eyelashes and opt for a soft eyelashes without being waterproof.


Mistake number 3: metal Lids


As Coco Chanel, the fashion is made to pass sets». And one of the most difficult to forget seems to be the shadows with metalized effect. With age, by the age of 40 years, the eyelids become less firm. It’s time to abandon the sparkles, since these are installed in the folds of the eyes, making them appear larger.


Choose to kill shadows, like peach or gray that look good on any skin tone. Fora more glamorous results, use eyeliner but in soft tones, like Plum. To raise the look, apply it on the upper lid and outer corners of the eyes.


Mistake number 4: too red Lips


Dark colors seem to diminish the areas where they are applied. It is a fact verified. As your lips lose volume over time, the last thing you want to do is reduce them further. To create tasty lips, use lipsticks and glosses with vibrant colors like coral or pink.