It is not a long distance from the port to Tallinn’s Old Town.

Flights and cruises

There are good transport connections to Tallinn from Finland and the journey across the Gulf of Finland can be completed by cruising or flying.

Tallinn offers a wide range of sea routes from a catamaran trip of less than a couple of hours to overnight cruises. The shipping companies operating to Tallinn are Viking Line , Tallink Silja and Eckerö Line . Cruises are usually cheap: the price varies between around 20 and 100 euros, depending on the type of cruise and cabin class.

In addition to the cruise, you can also arrive in Tallinn by plane. Finnair operates direct flights between Helsinki and Tallinn, and round-trip flights cost about 90–200 euros. Tallinn Lennart Meri Airport is located four kilometers from the city center.

There are also many ready-made hotel and spa trips to Tallinn.

Accommodation is affordable

Tallinn offers quality accommodation and many spa hotels, but also modest and cheap accommodation. In the city you can stay in a hotel, hostel, rental apartment or camping site.

Depending on the desired level, a hotel night in Tallinn costs on average about 60–200 euros per night. The city is also a popular backpacker destination with several budget hostels.

Holidaymakers in a motorhome or tent can head to campsites in Tallinn or nearby.

Adventure around Tallinn

The center of Tallinn and the Old Town are great for walking. Good walking shoes should be reserved for walks on the cobbled streets and stairs of the medieval city.

In Tallinn’s public transport, you can get there by bus, trolley and tram. The ticket can be obtained from the driver and must be remembered to stamp immediately at the start of the journey. You can also buy a travel card for Tallinn’s public transport, with which you can get tickets about half cheaper than if you bought them directly from the driver.

A good alternative to Tallinn’s public transport is to buy a Tallinn Card . With the Tallinn Card, you can travel on public transport free of charge. The Tallinn Card also provides free access to more than 40 tourist attractions and discounts at some shops and restaurants.

In Tallinn, in addition to public transport, you can also take a taxi. A legal taxi is identified by a taxi license with the driver’s picture and name affixed to the dashboard. Taxi fares vary depending on the taxi company, so it is a good idea to arrange a trip in advance. Many travelers have also found it convenient to use the Uber app in Tallinn.



Tallinn is also a suitable destination in December, when its atmospheric Christmas markets invite tourists.

The old town charms visitors

The most famous attraction in Tallinn is the old part of the city. The historic old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Tallinn’s Old Town is particularly interesting because its medieval milieu and structure have survived to this day. Of many other northern European capitals, historic structures have largely disappeared. In the medieval part of Tallinn, for example, the boundaries of plots created in the 11th and 14th centuries and the medieval street network still exist almost unchanged.

The Old Town Town Hall Square has been a market square and a gathering place for hundreds of years. Over time, the square has not only hosted parties but also executions. The market is still the center of many events and in the summer months full of terraces.

The town hall square hosts, for example, concerts and a medieval market. In winter, the square hosts a Christmas market under the shade of a magnificent Christmas tree. The Town Hall Square is also a center of events during the Old Town days, when a medieval carnival is held in a contemporary style.

The TV tower is the tallest tower in Estonia

Tallinn TV Tower was reopened to the public in 2012 after a comprehensive renovation. Considered a symbol of Estonia’s independence, the 175-meter tower is the tallest in the country – rising to the top rewards the visitor with the best view of Tallinn.

Built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the TV tower is not just a scenic spot, it has plenty to do for a wide variety of visitors. The place in particular is popular with ferocious ones, as the tower offers the opportunity to try a dizzying walk on the edge of the tower. Visitors can walk in safety harness right on the edge of the observation deck on the 21st floor.

Check out Telliskivi’s fun details

Known as a bohemian and trendy district, Telliskivi is an absolute must-visit for those interested in a rugged factory area with murals and fun details. The area offers street food, Estonian design as well as cozy restaurants.

In 2019, the Fotografiska Museum of Photography was also opened in Telliskive.


Visit the Lentosatama Maritime Museum

The Estonian Maritime Museum Lennusadam, or Lentosatama, which focuses on the underwater world, introduces both underwater life and ships sailing on the surface of the sea.

The impressive museum building was cast in concrete as early as a hundred years ago by order of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, and until World War II, seaplanes were stored there. In addition to the underwater world, the Old Water Level is still on display at Lennusadam.

Shop in the Rotermann quarter

The more modern side of Tallinn is represented by the Rotermann block, which is located close to the Old Town and the harbor. Built in industrial buildings, the shopping and cultural center has taken the old framework into innovative use and transformed the centuries-old houses into a concentration of shops, restaurants and galleries.

The Rotermann Square hosts events and concerts, as well as the popular Christmas Market.

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