Black Power Hair Trend-Care Tips

In 70 years, when disco music was in fashion, along with flared trousers and the discos, a hair style became a fever: black power. The style was to assume the frizzy hair and afros, so that would be heavily armed. Famous who have adopted this style were: Jackson Five, Toni Tornado, Tim Maia, Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross, among many others.

Currently, the style black power returned to fashion and became a much in demand in the halls, despite still being overshadowed by straightening treatments. Black power hairstyle that aims to take the hair afro, and can be used with the hair completely or bulky curls curly. The size can vary greatly, and can also be used as a hair longer. Check out pictures and how to care for the hair of this trend.

Care Tips

The first tip is to wash the wires giving priority to shampoos to hair or curly Afro, massaging well the scalp and the wires with your fingers. The second is to dry them with a towel, lint-free cloth, cotton and comb them with loose bristles and combs made of wood. Use a combing cream also indicated for Afro hair or frizzy hair to facilitate more take care not to leave waste. These creams also help give shape to the
curly hair. The third is dry thoroughly the wires, who uses the towel should be very careful, because the correct way is to press the wires between her and don’t rub them and must dry very well, since it’s a bulkier style takes longer to dry, causing an odor of hair badly washed.  Who already uses the dryer tip is to pass the hot Jet and at the same time pushing them by hand to set the curls.
At bedtime, you can cover your hair with a touch of satin, or a pillowcase, which helps maintain the shape of the curls and don’t knead both the hair. The satin is ideal because there is so much friction between the hair and the fabric, not damaging and without running the risk of loose cotton lint.
To eliminate frizz, as indicated it’s silicone, try passing the length and the ends of the hair.  Remember that it is always recommended to make a specific moisturizing at least once every two weeks.