Bourjois Cosmetics - 1863, France

Bourjois Cosmetics – 1863, France


Bourjois Cosmetics - 1863, France





Brand facts:

  • Bourjois is a French cosmetic brand providing high quality makeup products, perfume, and other accessories.
  • They follow a concept that beauty is associated with pleasure, personality and freedom.
  • Their goal is to design feminine products for the beauty of women and help every women to express her inner beauty and characteristics.


Main Categories:

Makeup, showers and deos, perfumes


Time and place: 1863, France

Early products: makeup, perfumes

Founder: Joseph Albert Ponsin


Headquarter Location:
Paris, France


Store Locations:

France, Belgium, UK, Australia, Spain, Poland, Korea, China, Vietnam, Canada, Middle East, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan


New Arrivals:



Price Range:

Eyeshadows: £0.99-£26.4


Official Website:


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