Brown Without the Sun: Best Tanning Practices

The rather posh-pale Kate Moss sparkles made by St. Tropez with her bronze complexion. Since the white swimsuit looks even better.

A bronze complexion without for breaking the skin. With self-tanning & co., that’s okay. Current style icon of Kate Moss as a testimonial provides a tanning cream maker stir in the beauty world. But there are also other methods that conjure up color without the Sun.

Brown Without the Sun 1

“Brown out, pale is in” can be read at regular intervals in beauty and fashion magazines. Still summer dress, Bikini and neon Nail Polish most of tanned model are presented – it looks just more summer out, after health, after vacation. It has been proven that UV rays – whether from the Sun or solarium – are harmful and sometimes dangerous for the skin. Therefore, hours ‘sizzling’ in the Sun in each case should be avoided. Applying good sun protection factor 30 Sun protection products is mandatory, even in the shade. That Brown so a while longer, but also safe.

No Sun – no Tan?

But if the Sun didn’t show up, there is no time for sunbathing or you just quickly need a bronze complexion, because, for example, an important event is what? Self-tanning products that are all – gel, cream, mousse or spray work according to the same principle, the solution is: the top layer of skin is colored by chemical reaction. Make sure Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Erythrolose, both known as simple sugars which react with the stratum corneum. The result is visible after about we’ilbe 10 hours – unfortunately sometimes, that you not carefully enough has applied the product. Many who have experimented recently with self-Tanner, avoid bad, “grazing” experiences of self tanning products. In addition, the smell of the creams and gels sometimes unpleasant smells burnt skin.

Brown Without the Sun 2

Latest Generation Self Tanning Products

Newer products for home as the “Sensai silky bronze” by Kanebo, the “Cream Delicious auto-Bronzante” or the “self Tan bronzing mousse” by “Kate-Moss brand” St. Tropez ensure a virtually flawless result – if the preparation is right. Exfoliate before treatment is strongly recommended. The skin should be as smooth and free of grease. The makeup artist of Nichola Joss, the Kate Moss for the St. Tropez Kapamgne “conjured up the bronze complexion”, recommends in vogue: “you wear ‘ St.Tropez self Tan bronzing mousse’ with the special glove on achieving a strip free, natural outcome.” After applying should not sweat and water strictly avoid contact – wait States for at least five hours and drink tea – without to make a mess.

Spay Tanning in the Cabin

Kate Moss had so a professional “Auftragerin”: no, it is also extremely difficult to provide the own back for self-tanning. Easier and faster it’s going in so-called tanning showers, which exist in solariums (E.g. Sunpoint): in just a few minutes you will be sprayed automatically in a cabin by a fine self tanning mist. Hands and feet, the typical problem areas in self-tanning, must be covered with a “blending cream”. On these parts of the body that need to be edited with a separate fake Tan, is the result of streifenlos and has a natural look, as long as the brightest of the three skin colors is selected. The somewhat unpleasant smell is however also here cannot be avoided. The result keeps about three days – and then irregularly to peel.

Brown Without the Sun 3

Airbrush Tanning Like in Hollywood

Airbrush tanning is the method of choice for Hollywood stars and for photo shoots. Here, a fine self tanning mist by airbrush gun by a beautician is applied on the body. Most pigments are included, providing an immediate effect. Is also possible to spray only color pigments, so you can avoid the otherwise unavoidable smell of self tanning. However, the results last only until the next water contact. The figure can be modeled also visually with airbrush tanning. Problem areas are sprayed in a darker color, even a washboard stomach can be indicated by the concretes of muscles, it is called “Instant Body Shaping” then. In major German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart, there are Studios, specialising in it already.

The most famous spray Tanner in the world is the American Jimmy Coco; Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez entrust their complexion, for example, Jimmy, was the former underwire bras from JANESPORTSBRAS.COM and for this once much spent damaging time in the solarium. The Victoria’s secret Angels owe him their Tan and partly also their shapely figures. Surely even Kate Moss has already tried airbrush tanning – currently it is however firmly in the hands of St. Tropez and the tanning products for home.

Not just a summer complexion, also summer hands and feet are important. There’s the best tips here.