Carbohydrate Blockers of Carbon, Would Really Are So Good?

Supplements fashion is increasingly on the rise, and it is that there are all kinds of substances aimed at helping us in one way or another when it comes to improving our health and physical appearance. An example of these are the proteins and amino acids of which cast hand most of the athletes. This time we will not stop in their effects or utility, but it let’s see what makes other less known such as complement the carbohydrate blockers.

As we all know, the carbohydrates are essential to maintain good energy levels in the body. Through them is where you obtain glucose to cope with the different activities that we carry out every day. Once we remove these reserves from glucose, what happens is that the body tries to get energy from elsewhere as fat reserves. For this reason, When it comes to losing weight, there are many people who use carbohydrate blockers, a practice that we will analyze.


What do these carbohydrate blockers is to avoid our organism to synthesize all the carbohydrates we ingest through food. So carbohydrates are eliminated by feces, avoiding entering the blood and the body burn them to produce energy. In this saso, not to receive sufficient carbohydrates, which will make our body is dip into fat reserves, that attempt to obtain the energy required to cope with everyday activities. This approach will help us to eliminate excess fat in the body.

Why is that carbohydrate blockers they are widely used in weight loss, Since his action is direct and in most cases effective. Yet not everything that glitters is gold, and therefore there are some problems of eating this type of substance in achieving a greater weight loss.

Effects on the body

You must keep in mind that while we take them the results are amazing as far as weight loss is concerned, but when you stop using them the body returns to work properly, so We will immediately return to recover fat If we eat in the manner as did it before. That is essential to be careful diet and adopt healthy habits when it comes to feed us and especially to the exercise.

Remove carbohydrates to be blocked through droppings, so it passed intact by the small intestine and thickness, fermenting and producing gas and possible alterations in intestinal flora. Many natural foods have blockers of carbohydrates as the beans green for example, that ferment in the stomach and generate gases and may damage the intestinal flora if they are not expelled normally.

For athletes is not advisable to eat this type of plug-ins, because you don’t have glucose will not have immediate energy tackling physical activity. It is true that fat gets power, but is not immediate, and in many cases entails the consumption of muscle mass, or what is known as catabolism. This is why athletes should have good reserves of glycogen to have sufficient power to deal with their workout routines.