Celebrities Renew Look

Jennifer Aniston, Shakira and Fergie recently changed your visual, opting for completely different styles of those who had previously.


The hairstylist Renato Louis now makes reference to visual changes adopted by some of the media celebrities, such as Jennifer Aniston, Shakira and Fergie.


Often, a makeover is a breath of fresh air required, to make us feel different and more attractive. In this way, it is necessary, before opting for a radical change of visual, prior advice with your hairstylist so that together they can find the best solution for the type of face in question,” said Renato Louis.


So, lately we have seen change of visual of the following celebrities:


Jennifer Aniston
The actress chose to make a fusion of two trends: asymmetric and. Switched their long hair, almost always with a straight cut or lightly, I’ve noticed on the ends, by a Bob cut, slightly shorter in the back;
This cut is excellent for this type of face because it look like the tallest woman;
Also the hair color has changed. Jennifer chose to darken it a little, never leaving the laurels, opting now for a hotter blonde, Golden.
The singer wasn’t afraid to take the change and has completely changed. The change had the color and cut of the season, called Lob.
Shakira chose a cut through by the shoulders, with a straight, slightly stepped sleeve on each end.
Another novelty is the fringe, linking beautifully with the chosen color. Anothermust have” of the station, is to paint the black hair.
The singer changed slightly cutting your hair, opting for a fairly long cut, putting extensions to give some length and ending with a slight gradient at the edges,to give movement to the hair.
Set aside the relaxed and unkempt aspect to pass to a hair smooth and silky.
The big change to color. Fergie was once the famous who joined the dark hair,painting it with a chocolate brown brown, another big trend of the season.