CoverGirl Eye Makeup - 1961, US

CoverGirl Eye Makeup – 1961, US


CoverGirl Eye Makeup - 1961, US



Brand facts:

  • CoverGirl is an American cosmetics brand providing high quality beauty products for face, eyes, lip and nail makeup.
  • They believe that makeup can help people from both outside and inside by rousing the potential beauty of their body.

Main Categories:

Face makeup, eyes makeup, lip makeup, nail polish, eye lashes


Time and place: 1961, US

Early products: cosmetics

Founder: Noxzema Chemical Company

Parent company: Procter & Gamble


Headquarter Location:
Maryland, US

Store Locations:

US, worldwide

New Arrivals:


Price Range:

Eyeshadows: £1.49-£18

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