Estonia for Sports

Estonia for Sports


Good news for cyclists: Estonia is extremely flat, the traffic is manageable and the landscape is worth seeing. In short: the country is perfect for a cycling holiday.

Numerous sights are embedded in a diverse landscape that is worth cycling through. The journey is the goal. In this way, the holidaymaker can get to places by bike that you would otherwise hardly go to. You approach the country at eye level, have the opportunity to talk to the locals and can enjoy nature extensively while cycling.

A rally with a fixed starting point and overnight stay is just as possible as a long-distance bike tour with changing accommodations. The “EuroVelo Route 10” is ideal for ambitious cyclists who have a lot of time. It runs from Latvia via Tallinn along the Baltic Sea to St. Petersburg. If you want, you can choose the most beautiful route section for the desired distance.

The “Tour de LatEst” runs for almost 1,300 kilometers through northern Latvia and southern Estonia. Valga, Tartu and Viljandi are among other stops, numerous sights are along the way. But one thing should be noted: some sections of the route are not paved, the gravel roads can be difficult to drive in heavy rainy weather.

Bicycles can be rented from many places in Estonia. The same applies to child seats and safety equipment. Children under the age of 16 must wear a bicycle helmet in Estonia. In addition, reflectors are compulsory when driving on country roads. Tip: think of good rain and mosquito protection, especially if you are mainly out in nature!

Various tour operators organize cycling holidays in Estonia. With the Baltic specialist Schnieder Reisen, for example, a trip can be booked in which holidaymakers can undertake several one-day tours in the vicinity from their accommodation on an estate in the Lahemaa National Park.

More information about cycling holidays is also available on the website of the Estonian Tourist Office. Please note that this link leads to an external website. We have no influence on the content and design of the website, nor on the processing or storage of the data collected.

Estonia for Sports


A country with such a diverse natural landscape naturally offers beautiful scenery for a wide variety of activities in the fresh air. Winter sports enthusiasts can let off steam in south-east Estonia around Ottepä with cross-country and downhill skiing. Cycling enthusiasts will find a suitable route on the roads with little traffic and signposted (long-distance) cycle paths throughout the country. You can find more information about cycling holidays here.

With a coastline of more than 3,500 kilometers, bathers and water sports enthusiasts are not neglected in Estonia. The seaside resorts of Pärnu or Haapsalu as well as the smaller health resorts on the north and west coast are great destinations for relaxation and beach holidays. The beautiful and flat sandy beaches with water temperatures around 18 ° C in summer particularly attract families with children. Playgrounds and sports fields, restaurants – the infrastructure along the beaches is geared towards visitors.

Places exposed to the wind are a playground for kite surfers. In the vicinity of the Tallinn marina, in Pirita, countless kite and windsurfers chase across the water when the wind is good. There are surf schools on Saaremaa, in Roosta near Haapsalu and in Ristna on Hiiumaa. Sailing is also a popular sport in Estonia. The coast, the islands, but also the many rivers and lakes offer enough space for kayak and canoe enthusiasts. The rivers in Northern Estonia usually flow slowly and leisurely, so that families with children can also use a paddle without hesitation. On the coast, around the countless islands, the current can be stronger, this area is reserved for experienced canoeists. Interesting wildlife observations are possible in the national parks while canoeing or kayaking. The Soomaa National Park is a popular destination for this.


There are around 300 campsites across Estonia, a country listed on countryaah as starting with letter E. Holidaymakers with tents, caravans or mobile homes come here. In addition, small log cabins are often rented out, so you don’t necessarily need camping equipment to stay overnight on campsites. This inexpensive overnight option is also an option for a car tour without a tent in the trunk.

When camping, the experience of nature is included. Many of the campsites are in the middle of the national parks. The places are sometimes quite “rustic”, but mostly have a very good infrastructure with toilets and shower houses, washing machines, water supply and disposal, barbecue areas, internet etc. Often – typically Estonian – there is even a small sauna house available. In contrast to campsites in other countries, in Estonia, as in the rest of the Baltic States, there is seldom a grocery store attached to the site.

A nice campsite for a stay in the Lahemaa National Park is Lapispea near Vösu. There is plenty of space for campers and tents, and small huts are also available for rent. At the northern end of Lake Peipus there are numerous opportunities to rent log cabins in the forest. This is the right place if you are looking for peace, nature and seclusion. If you want to stay close to Tallinn, you can put your motorhome and caravan in the marina of Pirita. There is some green space for tents, but it is not protected from the often strong wind here. The shower facilities in the nearby sports club can be used for a fee. Not exactly idyllic (apart from the great view of sailing ships and the city), but very conveniently located.

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