Fashion Nails Decorated Portuguese Tile – Photos and How to Make

Decorated nails are fashionable a few years ago. With innovative designs or decorations, Nail Art, as are called nails decorated and illustrated, bring their own trends, as well as follow the trends in high fashion. The Portuguese tile prints, for example, are present in the clothes, shoes and now also in the decoration of the nails, leaving the wife even more beautiful and with a modern look. For those who want to learn how to decorate with the illustrations, check out our step-by-step tip to be inspired and do.

Pictures Sets Nails Decorated Portuguese Tile

How Do

Colors mimic the traditional tiles, so remain in blue and white. The variation can be in the shade of blue, and you choose which you prefer. As the technique is a bit complicated, it is ideal that you have skill with brushes and nail designs. If not, you can choose other techniques such as stickers and stamps for your nails. In addition, the decoration can be throughout the hand, or in the style “only child”.

blue enamel;
Pure white enamel;
Thin tip brush;
Extra bright, enamel or toap coat.


Do your nails as usual, sanding and removing the cuticle. Then paint all nails with white enamel. Wait to dry.
Start the decoration of nails. The drawings can be leaves, flowers, or arabesques. Take care just so the nails don’t stay with many different designs and not stay in harmony. Look combine the designs.
After drawing in all the nails, wait for the paint dry. Finish passing the enamel top coat or
toap coat. Check out a video of how to do:

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