How To Straighten Your Hair With Homemade Chocolate Recipe And Step-By-Step

Women demand for straight hair and full of life grow every day, they try everything to get wires more disciplined, in order to help you we’ve brought tips to straighten your hair at home with a homemade recipe milk base. It is very easy to do and will leave your hair incredible. Milk is a food Rico in calcium and other various nutrients which are essential for the health of human beings, however, currently, the milk with their properties, have been becoming increasingly useful in the daily lives of women, it serves to assist the inside of the hair fiber, in a process of smoothing. The chemical composition of some specific products for straightening causes fall, leaving the hair elastic and brittle, therefore resort to a homemade recipe is the best solution to make your hair beautiful and silky.

Milk is excellent for hair, mainly for the thin, wavy and without definition is a great method to hydrate and smooth the hair due to its benefits, without using any chemical addition. Many products on the market add milk in your composition, they are those who have the function well moisturizing and nourishing for the hair. Check out the homemade recipe of how smooth your hair with milk.

Homemade – Recipe how to straighten your hair With


Add a spray bottle .5 Cup milk preferably be box. If your hair is dry you can put a little oil, more to know that only the plants serve to pass on hair. Another recipe is you do a hydration using milk and cornstarch, popularly called cornstarch, milk mixture do more starch and take the fire be sure to move without stop, because you can have some blisters that hampered the application, stir until he turns a porridge, ready wait it cool for about 10 minutes and then apply it on the hair clean. This is an excellent moisture that will leave your hair more pliable and with a silky touch.



Wash hair with your usual shampoo, if you prefer a more intense hydration use a anti-resíduo to open the


Then apply the mixture of milk more cornstarch in the hair, making a method called real that consists of making a kind of massage in, lock the wick until all product

Far into your hair.

Let in for sure 40 minutes to leverage can use a touch of plastic. After these minutes rinse your hair with water and apply a conditioner it will seal the moisture in your thread.

To leave the most intense smoothing effect make a brush on your hair and then use a flat iron to make it even smoother. Finish with a concentred and ready your hair will be healthy and with a smooth effect.

Test in your hair, and see the effect that milk provides for them.