Japanese Thermal Reconditioning Dka

The Japanese thermal reconditioning DKA is a straightening system, Dikson, which brand uses organic keratin and bioactive substance 100% formaldehyde (the absence of formaldehyde is one of the capital gains treatment), along with the keratin protection natural hair and the preservation of the energy of the hair fiber. Before
the application is performed an analysis of porosity, elasticity and
hair texture, as well as the State of the scalp.


It is mandatory a test strand with the active application, to assess the resistance
of wires, the incompatibility with products previously used,
the strength and the processing time of the active product. If the hair
do not pass the test, it is recommended DKA keratin loads twice
a week and a new test after 30 days, says Manfredo Peace, Director of the
MCPaz, representative of various brands of hairdressing and aesthetics.


Begins with a wash with shampoo without salt and with the application of keratin in all strands of hair, lock the lock,
for 15 minutes, then rinse with a towel and hairdryer. It follows the application of Active Cream Misuke (intensity and time are determined
prior test conducted) and the node test, that is, remove the excess product andwick
a node. If the node be well closed, meaning that the result was obtained.


The next step is to rinse and 80% removal of moisture and dryer argabeta oil throughout the hair extension followed by Professional ceramic Board ticket throughout your hair. Neutralizing Misuke stillapplies (acting for 20 minutes) and, after flushing,
the next new washing with shampoo without salt. In a final stage, the application of keratin for 15 minutes then rinse. In the end, the hair is stretched with blow dryer and brush and then with


This process takes 5 hours to be applied and have a cost of about 250. According to Manfred Peace, the hair subjected to this treatment won’t curl, this being a
definitive treatment. However, as the hair will born and
growing keeps your structure unchanged, maintenance is required.


Towards a European hair, treatment is recommended yearly. For African hair, we recommend a biannual, this specialist.
DKA after treatment products are also available for use in Home (shampoo and conditioner). Japanese thermal reconditioning DKA is not advised to sensitized hair and you don’t get passing the test of section carried out initially.