Kendall and Face Congratulate Us Christmas by Way of Home Video

For many the Christmas they have gone to a better life, for many others this time of year doesn’t end until the passage of the Magi from the East. Whatever the answer, for Kendall Jenner and face Delevingne never is late to congratulate and wish a good Christmas. And this time they do so in the form of the hand of the magazine video Love Magazine (who fate?).

Pili and Mili return to do his thing in a video recorded during his days in Salzburg for the Chanel Metiers d’art parade pre-fall 2015. They laugh, dance and play which happy creatures lost by a Palace. A video that does not have much what (everything must be said) but that are sure attracts many visitors by the simple fact of being starring these two.

It seems that both have found a new formula to attract more work, and is that if they petan solo it, together much more.

Kendall Jenner in Jezebel

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