Luxury Cosmetics and Their Cheap Twins From The Drugstore

So Good And Cheap Are The Dupes Of Branded Products Really

It is this one, this very special lipstick. The perfect, classic red. Or the pudgy-soft eyeshadow in the color that lets your eyes shine as no other can. “It is love!”, You think – and only discovers the inconspicuously placed price tag on the way to the cash desk. Ouch! 20 euros for a single eyeshadow? This does not only hurt the purse. But is that a reason to forgo something that makes you happy? No! This is where cosmetics dupes come into play. Together with beauty expert and blogger Isa von Smoky-Eyed, we explain to you what is behind the term.

Our expert

The 24-year-old Isa is from Hanover and has published on her blog since 2010 an extensive article on the subject of beauty & cosmetics. Your specialty: eye make-ups.And physics. 

Dupes-the double with Sparfaktor

Dupes (or duplicates) are products in the cosmetics sector, which are modeled on certain properties of more expensive beauty articles. Makeup dupes have a similar color, texture, or the same effect as cost-intensive makeup of luxury brands such as Chanel, Dior, or MAC. Dupe perfumes are almost as fragile as their expensive models and doubled care products achieve a comparable effect as the branded product.

Dupes are also bought when the expensive counterpart is just so in demand that you can not get it for a certain time simply nowhere – or if it does not appear at all on the European market. That is why, in such circumstances, Isa also likes to take back the easily available duplicates: “Apart from the price, it is also crucial that some products are not available in Germany. If one such a product through the Internet but once succumbed, a Dupe can create quick remedy. ”

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As a successful beauty blogger who deals daily with the latest make-up trends, Isa knows that the market is currently flooded with dupes in the area of ​​lipsticks and nail polish. “CLINIQUE’s ‘chubby sticks’ have been found In almost every bar in the drugstore, lipstick-like lip products with a twisting mechanism in all imaginable colors and finishes. Lacquer colors are also doubled, so in the spring you will find in almost every assortment a lacquer similar to ‘Mint Candy Apple’ by Essie. ”

In addition to lipsticks, individual eyeshadow colors or entire eyeshadow pallets are also in demand: “At the moment, the ‘naked’ pallets from Urban Decay are incredibly popular and nearly every brand has tried a similar nude palette. The brand Make-up Revolution, which is quite deliberately favorable alternatives to the coveted push boxes, is quite high in the courseFor the lids and also makes a great job here. ”

Are Dupes a real alternative to expensive brand cosmetics?

So if more and more cheap dupes conquer the market, then the question arises, why should you buy expensive cosmetics at all. We therefore asked our expert what we really can expect from Dupes – and where the cheap products reach their limits.

The favorable price is a great advantage, if you want to try a color first before you get an expensive cosmetic product.

– Isa (Smoky-Eyed)

“Often the colors are similar to each other, especially when the product is applied, but you usually see a small difference. In particular, dupes can also differ in the texture, and expensive eyeshadows often have a finer shimmer than the favorable counterparts. Pigmentation and durability can also be completely different.

You should not buy a Dupe if you are expecting to pay much less for the same product-and you should be aware that at least the packaging will be less high quality and the quality may be slightly lower (but not mandatory) got to).

However, one can expect to be able to carry nuances, which are currently in the trend, without spending a fortune. Especially for the consumer who likes to try something new, Dupes are incredibly practical in this respect. And if you are well informed in advance,It is also possible to find high-quality dupes, which make the purchase of the original laps. ”

Our Dupe favorites

In order to make it easier for you to search for the high-quality alternatives from the low-price segment, we have created a list of our favorite dupes with Isa’s help and show you the impressive results in a direct price comparison with the original product. In the case of products which are not available in stationary retail in Germany, we have listed the shipping costs incurred when ordering online.

  1. MAC “Satin Taupe”MAX FACTOR “Burnt Bark” 

The eye shadow “Satin Taupe” MAC is among beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts as a true classic known  – but at 19 euros and a premium price. A great alternative for a fraction of the price you can find at MAX FACTOR.

  1. HOURGLASS Mood Exposure-soft plum” MAX FACTOR   Nude Mauve”

Ambient Powder” and the associated Blushes from HOURGLASS undoubtedly are one of the most famous beautyproducts 2014. Unfortunately, they are hardly available in Germany. Fortunately, here too MAX FACTOR has created a great dupe to the HOURGLASS rouces with its “PASTELL COMPACT BLUSH” series.

  1. Essie “Blanc” vs.Essence “199: Wild White Ways”

Summer sun beach. The perfect accessory for the summer outfit is also this year Essies bestseller “Blanc”. But who is reluctant to spend 8 euros for such an unconventional nail polish, it can first try with the cheap dupe of essence (available at dm).

  1. Urban Decay “Naked 2 Basics”W7 “In the City”

A simple nude palette is a basic in the cosmetics collection of every woman. Thanks to the w7-Dupes “In the City” you do not even have to dig deep into your pocket for the perfect eye make-up.

  1. Chanel “Coco Mademoiselle” vs.Lidl “Suddenly Madame Glamor” 

Chanel is known for exceptional perfume creations, which come exclusively in high-quality design. However, if you can do without the radiance of the high-end label, Lidl’s “Suddenly Madame Glamor” will also be happy.

  1. Dior “Hypnotic Poison” vs.Lamis Creation “Fatal Snake Magical” 

Hypnotic Poison” by Dior smells seductively of lavender and rosewood-and costs just 30 times the almost identical fragrant dupes “Fatal Snake Magical”.