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According to the dictionary, makeup is the application of substances specifically designed for the body, with cosmetic effect of embellishment or disguise, following, in most cases, fashion trends.

What is Makeup


What are your origins?

The act of coloring the skin refers man to primitive cultures. The paintings (still present in more isolated peoples) used plant substances such as annatto, charcoal, clay and ground stones for the purpose of visual preparation for religious and military events. A good example is the Australian Aborigines, who maintain the tradition of painting geometric figures, intricate by the body.

In ancient Egypt, makeup had the same function as today: beautification! Its top representative, Queen Cleopatra, stood out for the enhanced, elongated contour of the eyes and eyebrows produced by a black ink called Khol.

At the height of the Middle Ages, whose absolute power was the Catholic Church, female beauty was a significant social problem. The church began to suppress any form of expression of women, preventing them from being “seductive”.

Only in the twentieth century, the concept of makeup underwent a revolutionary transformation, driven mainly by the actresses of American cinema.

5 Good Beauty Tips for Women

Everyone knows to be struck by the sense that now we want to do something about her appearance, get renewed energy and radiate the delicious feminine style again, the problem though is that it does not come by itself. If you must change to a new and improved woman, you need to do something for it. In order to provide you with a means for how you should begin the change with an improved healthy beauty and skin care, you can use these five good beauty tips for women who want to change the bad habits, so the new improved beauty habits will be daily habits to the beautiful appearance.

Beauty requires water

We all know that water is vital for the body’s functions, but not many know how important it is for your appearance. Your body is built at 68% water ca. and therefore has all the vital functions of the body needs water and including also your hair, nails and skin. Without enough necessary water your hair will be dry and lifeless, like your skin will be dry and stringy and get bald skin, which also applies to health by your fingernails. There is no science that shows how much water you should consume on a daily basis, but the old folk remedy of 8 glasses of water daily is a pretty good standard to stick to, because this refers to a general intake for all people.

You should also creates beauty through diet

Just as water is important for the body and beauty as a woman, you can also create a more beautiful skin by eating healthy. The old statement that we become what we eat is actually true though, however, it is an annoying phrase to hear on. Your beauty comes from the inside, which means that your intake of fluids and diet gives reflected on how you look on the outside. You eat healthy and nutritious by getting the necessary vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and proteins as you can find in nuts, fish, fruits and etc so remember to eat other varying and healthy.

The beauty means not to forget the makeup

Quite like applying makeup beautifies the appearance, it may do the opposite, if you don’t remember to remove it again. Before bedtime, you must always remember to remove the makeup also on the tired days, otherwise it may cause skin problems in the form of pimples and dry skin.

Wax must be done right

Most women use wax and here it is important for your beauty, you don’t jump in a hot bath right after, when your pores are open after wax removal and this can cause irritation of the skin. Therefore, wait at least an hour before you go in the bath after waxing.

Tight skin with facial mask

A face mask can lift and lift your skin and you can actually use the ingenuity with a homemade one at that. A face mask helps you with that tightening up the skin while any discolorations, pimples, scars and other rubbish will be dimmed, while at the same time the skin will be allocated the necessary ingredients to keep any pimples down. In order to be successful with it, so you should use a face mask at least 2 or 3 times each week.

If you would like to make your own easy mask, you should use some necessary ingredients such as a tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons natural yoghurt. You make facial mask by mixing the two ingredients together. Clean your skin well and then apply the mask of the head and neck where it should sit about 30 minutes of time.

Once the mask has been applied, you will be able to notice the firming feeling from ingredients on the skin and this is just to give you a faster and smooth skin. End the use of the mask by skin well through with some lukewarm water and finally rinse with cold water. These five tips can help on beauty, and so be sure to use the right skin care products for the good and healthy skin, so your beauty transformation will be carried out in the right way.