Myths And Truths About Baldness-Information And Tips

Baldness is a disease that strikes sure 50 percent of men of our planet, some women also have, but in a much smaller statistical number. Some people say that is related to genetics, however, we know that this is not the only factor that adds the hair loss. There are many treatments on the market today for this hair growth failure, with the studies it was possible to identify the true origin and diagnose some myths and truths which were spreading among people. For lack of knowledge or to scare, some lies about baldness were created, the problem is that they prevent a lot of people live their lives with peace of mind.

The aim here is to unravel for you a few loose ends on this disease in the hair follicle, which progresses as the age and in your most in men, being progressive and in some cases inherited, which begins with becoming thinner until your total fall. The biggest problem that management is concerned with the high esteem of men, this factor adds to them a possible depression and discouragement to do everyday things. For this reason we brought tips and more information to unveil to you the myths and truths fold baldness.

Information and tips – myths and truths about baldness

Baldness is related directly with the management of hereditary, but it is known that this is not the only factor, there are others such as the stress that causes an inflammation process that increases hair loss. Dandruff also generates loss of hair, avoid sleep with wet hair, it does increase the proliferation of fungi and the formation of dandruff, always dry before bedtime. Brush, curling iron, chemical and dye damage the wires leaving them more thin and brittle, but does not interfere with the hair loss. Cut the hair does not diminish the fall and even improves, what happens that he can leave the rest matched with, that’s a good tip for you let the hair trimmed. Thyroid disease can lead to hair loss, consult your doctor. Oily scalps thins the wires and worsens the baldness, always try to use a specific shampoo for this hair type. To improve the appearance of oily strands you can wash twice a day without worries, wash with warm or cold water, but avoid hot temperature because it will leave even more oily. Use Hat leaves the hair damp leather preventing it from drying out, causing the dermatitis, Seborrhea and thus fall and hair. It’s normal to fall a little more than 100 hairs a day, this is due to the healthy state of the hair follicle to the opposite of what most people think he should always regenerate. The power supply is strong ally to strengthen your hair, be it protein, vegetables and defer to vegetables. According to experts the hair falls more in hell than in summer. The Sun activates the action of hormones such as prolactin and melatonin, stimulating the growth of hair. To help you in this process you can use tonics that are available in the market, they promise to help in the growth of hair.

I hope you solved some myths and truths. Now change your routine and see the results.