Nail Trends Decorated For The 2014 Cup – Tips On How To Make

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be in Brazil and even still missing some time to be accomplished, is already causing anticipation for football fans and Brazilians in General. Many licensed products were created, several promotions and campaign and even fashion trends entered the “green and yellow wave”. Decorated fingernails, which are fever among the female audience, won their World Championship FIFA versions, with the colors of the flag and football-themed, for women who want to look beautiful even rooting for the Brazil. Check out tips and step by step.

Tips of how to make Decorated Nail trends For the 2014 Cup

Regardless of design made the nails to the World Cup, the colors should be the most important detail. Green, yellow, blue and white are the colors present in the flag of Brazil, as well as in the uniform of the brazilian football team selection. You can use many different techniques to decorate your nails, how to make sponge gradient, glitter, polka dots and etc. Check out some tips of models:

Option 1

Materials needed:
Enamel green, yellow, blue and white;
Toothpick or clip to do the marbles;
Fine-tipped Nail Polish;
Gold glitter.

Pass the base on all nails. With the blue enamel, do a strip across, to get half of the nail. Use the yellow glaze to make a thinner band side of the blue band. Finally, cover the rest of the nail with green enamel.
With the fine-tipped and enamel in white color, make a thin stripe on top of the blue part, imitating the flag. Then make the dots also in blue enamel with the clip or toothpick. Pass the Golden glitter in yellow part. Finish with a layer of extra base brightness.

2 Option

Materials needed:
Adhesive stars;
Enamel in green, yellow and blue.

Pass the base in each of the nails. With green enamel, make a wider French. Make a layer over the top with the glaze yellow and then with blue enamel. All nails must be with the French of three stripes, following the order: green, yellow and blue
Paste the little star in the corner of the nail silver. Use as many wish. Finish with the base to give an extra glow nails.