New Natura Line Is – New Formulas and Packaging-Information

Natura is a brazilian company that comes to look after the health of our bodies and hair since 1969. His first was Antonio Ambassador Luiz Seabara. Today the natura distributes to 8 different countries around the world and your motto is: well be Well.

Live in the moment, here and now, is the proposal of the Natura line Is. There are 10 years innovating their creations, showed us once again that innovation never ends with the new Is line, same fragrances, new sensations.
The innovation of the new line are the packaging and fragrances that will last longer, from 24 to 36 hours. The other Natura’s intention is that people feel and listen to your body every touch.

Information new line Natura Is

The launch of the new line was a party that offered contact with himself, in the midst of nature with sensory appeal (form of stimulate the irrational side of the body). The intention was to offer a moment of nature “I myself” that everybody should have all days.
The line has products for all skin types. For dry skin we recommend cotton fragrance, Jasmine and red fruits. Extra dry skin has Orchid, macadamia nuts and hazelnut with pomegranate. The lighting effect was the Blackberry
with almonds. The line also includes soaps, perfumed moisturizing bath and sprays all in the same fragrances of fire hydrants and with the same intensity.

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