Pas-de-la-Casa - Grau-Roch, Andorra

Pas-de-la-Casa – Grau-Roch, Andorra

Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig – Andorra’s largest ski resort. It is located almost at the very border with France and is considered the highest in the Pyrenees. The resort has all the infrastructure from hotels to modern ski lifts, as well as a large selection of slopes of different difficulty levels – from gentle for beginners and children to steep for experienced athletes. See for weather information.

The snow here is very unusual: even at positive temperatures, it remains icy and very slippery. Another interesting thing is the cable car, by which you can get to the resort directly from the center of Andorra, and a restaurant at an altitude of 2600 m, from where you can enjoy gorgeous views of the city and a little bit of France.

How to get there

Flight to Barcelona or Marseille, then transfer to the capital of Andorra. From the capital, Andorra la Vella, a regular bus L5 runs here three to five times a day (~ 5 EUR). Another option is the Funicamp cable car, which takes travelers from the center of Andorra directly to the “red” slopes of the upper slopes of the resort.


In Pas de la Case, there will be no problems with choosing hotels, there are both budget options and expensive hotels. For example, hotels Alaska, Sporting, Cristina, Magic (one of the most famous in Andorra), Font D’Argent and Llac Negre (address: Carrer S Jordi, Pas de la Casa).

Trails Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig

Difficult slopes with sharp elevation changes in the upper part of the Pas de la Casa valley are intended for experienced skiers. At the bottom of the slopes there is a slalom track and a half-pipe.

For those who love skiing in the forests, we can recommend the slopes of the picturesque valley of Grau Roig. Thanks to the large snow expanses, long rollouts and the “dispersed” skiers on the slopes, speed skiing is almost safe here.

There are three freestyle parks here: Peretol, Xavi and Isard, a children’s slope and equipped areas for boardercross. Resort slopes: 6 green, 13 blue, 16 red and 12 black.

Unlike Soldeu, there is no pronounced predominance of young people in the resort: tourists of almost all ages come here. The Funicamp cable car takes travelers from the center of Andorra directly to the “red” slopes of the upper slopes of the resort.

A ski pass for a day will cost 50 EUR, for 2 days – 92.40 EUR, for 3 days – 138.60 EUR, for 5 days – 220.50 EUR, for 7 days or more – 44.10 EUR per day.

Entertainment and attractions

In addition to excellent skiing, Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig boasts a vibrant nightlife, plenty of bars and several nightclubs open until the early hours.

3 things to do in Pas de la Casa and Grau Roig

  1. Organize dog sledding competitions. The loser pays.
  2. Book yourself a room at the igloo hotel Pas de la Casa and try not to freeze there.
  3. Soberly assess your skiing skills and try to go down from one of the “black” slopes, if the “skills” allow it. A portion of adrenaline as a reward will be provided!

In addition, in Pas de la Casa there is a large recreation center located on the very edge of the village. The center is equipped with a large swimming pool, a children’s pool, indoor and outdoor jacuzzi, saunas, a Russian bath, a gym, a climbing wall. Swimming caps are required when using the pool, and children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The daily pass costs 7.25/ 3.10 EUR per adult/child, a deposit of 5 EUR is charged when using the lockers. In Grau Roig, you can ride snow bikes or dog sleds, or enjoy panoramic mountain views during a helicopter tour.

Pas-de-la-Casa - Grau-Roch, Andorra

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