Perfumes Men: Meet the Families: Olfactory

If you are interested in men’s fragrance probably already heard of families and olfactory, which are nothing more than a classification made according to the fragrance that stands out within the structure of a perfume (notes of the heart, output, and background), we could have two copies with notes of wood, but only one of them be considered a woody for having this note as standing out.

The families of olfactory also have subcategories, so you can have an oriental woody or a citrus aromatic, but in this case we are deepening too much, it is best to start with the basics.

1 – men’s fragrance woody (family woody or boisée)

I believe that this is the family smell more manly, not the toa about 3/4 of the postings male market they belong to her. The notes can be hot, such as sandalwood and rosewood, dry cedar and vetiver, as well as we also have the wet and green as the patchouli and the essence of pine. The raw materials for the production of these perfumes are expensive and this should be reflected in the value of the product.

Features: stylish, seductive and sophisticated these perfumes are among the preferred by men classic, mainly because it also raise the seriousness in many cases.

Subcategories: woody, woody conífero citrusy, woody spicy, woody ambreado, woody aromatic, woody spicy leather, woody marine woody fruity.

Examples of scents woody scents: Bulgari pour Homme (Bulgari), Hugo (Hugo Boss), Gentleman (Givenchy), Polo (ralph Lauren).

Perfumes Men Meet the Families Olfactory 1


2 – men’s fragrance Fougère (family aromatic or fougère)

More a family that stands out in men’s fragrance, using raw materials such as essences of lavender, patchouli and absolute oak moss. In the notes it is possible to identify lavender, coumarin and citrus accords, aromatic, especiados and woody scents. It is important to note that the name of this family the olfactory has nothing to do with the fern (fougère), but with the perfume Fougère Royale, Houbigant, created in 1882.

Characteristics: its fragrance fresh and natural, reminiscent of grass, suggests cleanliness and vibration and is very suitable for hot locations.

Subcategories: fougère floral ambreada, fougère ambreada sweet, fougère especiada, fougère aromatic, fougère fruity.

Examples of the perfumes of this family: Polo Sport Etrème (Ralph Lauren), Escape for Man (Calvin Klein).


3 – men’s fragrance citrus (family citrus or Hespéridée)

The result of essences obtained from citrus fruits such as bergamot, orange, lemon and tangerine. Are perfumes fresh where there are few middle notes, and bottom, with the top notes predominant. For being fresh, this fragrance fits very well in our hot climate, and usually receives taps woody on the versions male.

Features: lightweight and striking, are a good option for the day-to-day, especially in Brazil. The citrus-woody scents tend to please the men who seek a pleasant fragrance with a touch of sophistication.

Subcategories: citrus spicy, citrus, aromatic, citrusy floral cíprio, citrus woody, citrus floral woody.

Examples of scents citrus: Cacharel pour Homme (Cacharel), Eau de Dali (Salvador Dali), Drakkar (Guy Laroche), CK One (Calvin Klein).


4 – men’s fragrance floral (design floral)

It is a family almost to a predominantly female, but there are some older men with floral accents, although they are rare. The raw materials used involve jasmine, tuberose, Turkish rose, orange blossom, geranium and ylang-ylang (photo).

Perfumes Men Meet the Families Olfactory 2

Features: with a pleasant odor, may result in scents slightly exotic when mixed with spices or woody notes, pleasing men of strong personality.

Subcategories: soliflor lavender, bouquet floral, floral aldeidado, floral green, floral woody fruity, floral woody, floral, marine, fruity floral.

Examples of floral scents: Pour un Homme (Caron), Aqua di Gio (Armani), Scape (Calvin Klein).


5 – Men’s fragrance Cyprus (Family Cyprus or Chypre)

Another family where there is an abundance of men’s fragrance, but that also brings its exceptions. Its composition often unites bergamot, oak moss (photo), patchouli and other woods. The name comes from the perfume created in 1917 by François Coty.

Features: notes hot attach well to the body and the combination of fragrances always made a success with the male audience looking for something alluring and striking.

Subcategories: cyprus fruity, cyprus floram aldeidado, cyprus leather, cyprus, aromatic, cyprus green cyprus floral.

Examples of perfumes chipres: Pour Monsier (Chanel), Dali Pour Homme Salvador Dali).


6 – men’s fragrance oriental or amber (eastern families or ambrée)

The name comes from the amber, whose smell musky mark this family smell, evoking balms and resins from the ancient east, in addition to spices, yielding fragrance ideal for those looking for something exotic and hot.

Features: notes lush give elegance to these perfumes and elements spicy like cinnamon or vanilla stir the senses. Ideal for men that like exotic fragrances that are engaging, that emanate mystery.

Sub-categories: eastern mild,eastern floral, spicy, oriental and citrus, oriental, floral, woody, semi-oriental floral, oriental and fruity floral.

Examples of perfumes amber: Le Mâle (Jean Paul Gaultier), Sculpture (Nikos).

Perfumes Men Meet the Families Olfactory 3


7 – men’s fragrance cuir (leather) (family leather or cuir)

On many lists this family is not mentioned because it is considered less important and only have 3 sub-categories, but it is almost impossible to ignore the strength of this type of perfume in the male universe, therefore I find it important to list it.

With dry notes that attempt to reproduce the aroma of the leather, but without the use of this material, getting the aroma of the leather by means of other essences, in a subtle way, this family olfactory appeals very much to men, while maintaining a footprint in a rock singer and night. Most of the times is accomplished with the essences of birch, labdanum and benzoin, and a component of synthetic important, the isobutilquinoleina or IBQ.

Features: it has a footprint very masculine, referring to something rustic and strong, even more when you take touches of tobacco. Indicated for men with a strong personality and rebellious spirit, makes a lot of success in winter and in evening events.

Sub-categories: leather, leather, floral leather and tobacco

Examples of perfumes: Aramis of Aramis, Bel Amis (Hermès), Royal Copenhagen (Swank), Tuskan Leather (Tom Ford).


Learn more:

Top notes – are the notes volatile that you feel right away, generally fresh and light, but also disappear faster, so you should not choose the scent for them, wait for the other scents sobressairem;

Notes of the body (heart notes) – are those that are more bodied that appear when the scent begins to be absorbed by the skin, giving personality to it;

Bottom notes (base notes) – are the notes that last the longest and can come from woods, spices, resins, foods, or synthetic mimicking raw materials of animal origin.