Permanent Lips Makeup: Benefits, Costs and Duration

Having a mouth always beautiful and colorful to perfection is the result of a permanent eyebrow makeup lips, micro-pigmentation. Duration and costs of this miraculous make-up, they reveal in this article.

Permanent Lips Makeup Benefits, Costs and Duration

Lips are one of the parts of the face most in need of care and color. Many times, though, they are imperfect or chapped or age. Other times, it would be nice to simply have them always bright, colorful and fit.

Defined by Digopaul, makeup contouring and indoor permanent or semipermanent lips is a solution for any need for natural makeup and corrective. Perform a trick consists of permanent “tattooing” the outline and fill the lips with an intervention that takes 2 sessions of approximately 1-2 hours each. In the case of irregularly shaped lips or too tight, this kind of permanent fix is a cure-all really revolutionary, because it allows to permanently fix the problem. The face regains a symmetry and a muscular looseness due to a better perception of themselves. Permanent makeup lips, however, is also a “whim” that many women want to accomplish to have always beautiful and sensual lips, without having to constantly worry about.

How to choose color and shape

Will definitely be the specialist to suggest that color and form to give to your lips. Of course, with a good intervention of permanent color, it will not be possible to transform the original contour of the lips. This is not, in fact, the same effect of aesthetic medicine, but only one color that lasts without smudging. The color is very variable follows the tastes and tone of your skin. Recently you opt for of very light pink and nude makeup natural until it is nearly equal to the color of your lips.

But, How long does a permanent makeup? A good job of pigmentation usually lasts from 2 to 3 years. This duration depends on both the cellular aging that is very personal, and other treatments that are running in the same area of the lips.

The cost of permanent makeup lips

Certainly, on the market, there are some excellent tattooists who may be able to do that kind of work. However, you should consult a beauty centre which specialises in the implementation of permanent makeup. In these cases, the cost is around € 700-800 total for the two sessions. In specific cases, such as corrective or where you have already performed another trick above to be covered, the costs can be as much as € 1000.