Spring Fever: Three Dermatologist Treatments for Fresh Skin

17 March 2017 Winter Veil Adé spring fever for the skin? These three facials make pale winter faces in an hour look fresh and plump. Instead of laser (for Sun to avoid), are now used water pressure and mini needles and conjure up an irresistible glow. Available options are three treatments, explains the top dermatologist Dr. Timm Golüke from Munich

Spring Fever Three Dermatologist Treatments for Fresh Skin


The treatment: The active ingredients with an injection gun in the face and neck are injected with many fine needles. The technique is quite similar to the “PRP”-treatments, also known as “Vampire lift”. The difference: The active ingredients are no endogenous material, but a pre-built France vitamin cocktail at the “Mesotherapy”.
The active ingredient of: A cocktail of vitamins, trace elements, and a small amount of hyaluronic acid for moisture. The micro injury of treatment also stimulates the formation of natural collagen – this gives the skin elasticity.
Side effect: It can sting briefly and mini haematoma in the size of the punctures can arise. Other risks? No.
Time and cost: €120 per session. Recommend three sessions by 14-tägigem far. Lasts six months.

“Aqua Dermabrasion”

The treatment: In contrast to the well-known “Microdermabrasion” with crystals the top layer of skin is removed with the “Aqua dermabrasion” “Stratum corneum”, so the stratum corneum, with water pressure.That stimulates the cell structure and the appearance of the skin looks fresh. The procedure is good to combine with oxygen. Once the dead horn cells are removed, the skin doctor for even more freshness with pure oxygen through the skin goes.
The active ingredient: An instrumental treatment with a one-hour exfoliation process and subsequent adding of oxygen.
Side effect: The good? No downtime. A packed treatment and you can immediately back into the job.Suitable on the day before of a special event.
Time and cost: 60 minutes per 140 euro. Recommended as block treatment, say four to six sessions on a monthly basis. Can be made over the summer period.

“Uncrosslinked Hyaluronic Acid”

The treatment: Expanded Hyaluron will with many hives – introduce how micro beads – injected into face and neck where they spread. Important: The difference with cross-linked hyaluronic acid in the treatment of wrinkles in the foreground is and remains the active ingredient in the folds.
The active ingredient: Many micro depots full of hyaluronic acid are entered in the neck and face. These spread there, bind the moisture and plump the skin.
Side effect: the next day may cause isolated small swelling, but also bruises.
Time and cost: The small surveys can be through make-up, but at important dates not on the eve of make better. Cost: Two syringes at 14 days interval, per syringe to 300 euros for the neck and face. Lasts 6 months.

Dr. Timm Ganga

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