St. Lawrence Islands National Park

St. Lawrence Islands National Park

The province of Ontario has several National parks. One of them is located in the southeast of the province and is named St. Lawrence Islands National Park. It was launched in 1904 and has opened its doors to nature explorers and lovers ever since. All of Eastern Canada is proud of the small park.
On an area of ​​only 9 square kilometers, the area shows its full beauty. Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River is that homeland of the park area. A total of 21 islands belong to the area.

The smallest National Park of Canada has furthermore still some parts of the island, which extends from Brockville to Kingston, Ontario, and at the upper reaches of the St. Lawrence River along pull.

But the real highlight of the park is on the mainland: Mallorytownn Landing. From here the islands can be approached by boat, which is also the only way to get to the islands. The islands are remnants of precambir granite. When the glaciers melted and the water formed the St. Lawrence River, these island groups were formed. Overnight stays are permitted on some islands. You can even find somewhat simpler campsites here. In total, the St. Lawrence Islands National Park has 55 different places to camp. One would not speak of a campsite for all of them, because some are not really laid out. However, if you want to see the islands little by little and want to set the pace yourself, you can take as much time as you want, because the departure from the islands takes place via water taxis or boats that can be rented.

Leisure and tourist activities in the St. Lawrence Islands National Park

Since the water is the dominant element in the entire area, the leisure and tourist activities are predominantly designed for water sports. Most of the attractions take place on or in the water. But it is also possible to be active on land and enjoy your free time. Some hiking trails have been created. The wonderful beaches of the park invite you to relax. You can enjoy and experience the nature and landscapes of the St. Lawrence Islands National Park while strolling on the beach.

In the popular Mallorytown Landing, a picnic area, toilets, a boat ramp and a campsite have been built for tourists and visitors. If you want to rent a boat, you can do so at the park headquarters. A boat rental was set up here.

Incidentally, the St. Lawrence Islands National Park also has a warlike history. Because during the war times of 1812 the region was used as a focus of military action.

The entire region is a real crowd puller and thousands of visitors come to Ontario every year. It is of course clear that a small national park also wants to offer something and does not want to remain unseen. Although a large number of people visit the region, the park is rarely overcrowded. The tourist mass destinations such as Niagara Falls, the other 5 national parks with much more area and the Great Lakes are probably responsible for the fact that the park is not overcrowded.

The St. Lawrence Islands National Park is an insider tip among bird watchers and wildlife photographers. Here there is often the peace and quiet you need to experience or capture fascinating moments with wild animals.

St. Lawrence Islands National Park

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