Summer Trend With Long Skirt-Pictures-Tips On How To Use And Where To Buy

The long skirts are trends for summer 2014, because they make you cool, well-behaved and very elegant. Are used by thousands of women all over the world and for different ages, they serve both for adolescents as for the mature. By pass all the elegance and sophistication that we want, they turned to fever among the famous, there are many that have already been photographed wearing long skirts. They allow to be used the most varied ways, with large, small, jump, trailing even boots some more daring risk.  Are very versatile can be used on several occasions, weddings, beaches, shopping and the choice will in accordance with the style of the person and the combination of gear that she chooses to join. The long skirts are in fashion market for some time, and won the most unusual prints, they are of flowers, Leopard, lace, flat transparent fabrics among others. Check out tips on how to wear long skirts this summer 2014.

Pictures – Summer trend With long skirt

Tips on how to use

Long straight Skirt: These resemble a lot of skirts years 40 is ideal for you to use with blaser or with shirts, it leaves a sophisticated air and can even be used in more formal events.

Long skirt Ball: Are those with a stapled at the waist, the fatties and short should get away from this style of skirt, they are recommended for highest women and thin, looks great with a look more rock ‘n’ roll.

Ruffled long skirt: model of the years 60 ‘s summer guy, more should be used with fairer tops, can put a clog or sneakers only avoid placing very accessory.

Pleated long skirt: look great with shirts of tailoring, is ideal for the little ones to have a slight shirring at the waist and falling in soft folds, don’t get fat and make a beautiful silhouette in the body.

Patterned Skirts: These are beautiful and dispense many accoutrements, are indicated to be used with a blouse without stamps and more fair.

Where to buy

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Now you find the model that suits you more, to leave rockin’ this summer.