Switzerland Cosmetics Triumphs in Barcelona

The Valmont group, of Swiss nationality, is one of those companies that blend research and development in search of the best possible cosmetic. The Swiss Alps are your source of inspiration and in Barcelona we find exclusive and unique space where closer to restore the necessary balance to our skin. You know that mothers tend to be a referent clear, and the mothers of her friends, best source of inspiration.

With two key words in the definition: correction and prevention, they have created one of those essential creams that return the brightness to our skin without advertising of the major brands, but with better results.

Among the favorite energizing treatments, there is Harmonizing with a Day Cream. This complete treatment fitoalpino skin is the first step in the habits of Defense for skins seeking harmony. In addition to eliminating stress, resets the harmonic balance of the skin functions. This unctuous cream contains the first anti-aging agent, triple DNA, Shea butter and extract of echinacea, to combat the effects of free radicals and provide the following benefits: provide energy to cells; combats skin aging caused by stress, pollution and the modern pace of life; In addition to nourish and soften the skin, with a surround effect.
Its ingredients, within the natural line, Echinacea extract; rose extract; Hip; Shea butter; macadamia nut oil; Triple DNA; Mg ++, Ca ++ and Na +. The farewell to stress is insured.

The Barcelona Spa, with aires zen and a clientele very elitist, can be the perfect place for a weekend getaway, not only for shop product Valmont offering, but by the skin analysis carried out, the personal selection of the treatment, the silence, and the quality of its professionals (because we all know they are perfectionists Swiss…). A Council, as all the names in luxury, Valmont has many imitators, and they abound in the network.

Its main fault, price: from €105.

Via l Esthetic site official l Valmont