Thus Poses and Parade The Model More Veteran with 84 Years, Carmen Dell’Orefice Is a Unique Style

See life pass and how, inevitably, the passage of time affects our body is not always easy to accept. However, there is who seems to have made a pact with the devil, delaying until unthinkable limits this painful mutation. Carmen Dell’Orefice, for example, after 67 years of experience in the fashion world could be considered as the longest-lived model of the world Since, having already met 84 years, continues to appear on the covers of fashion magazines that are all a reference point in the sector, such as when was 15 years old.

With his silver hair, erect eyebrows and a look of infarction, the model still haunted photographers and designers, being required for numerous advertising campaigns and some other parade. For a while now We’ve seen paraded for Gaultier and Galliano Mugler, and also starring in one of the Visual advertising Rolex.

Discovered Carmen of Herman Landschoff, a photographer who worked for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, woman down from a bus in New York in 1947. Before posing against the objective of the best photographers of the 20th century – from Cecil Beaton, Norman Parkinson, passing by Richard Avedon, Dell’Orefice also posed for Salvador Dalí in Exchange for $7.

Eileen Ford, founder of the Agency Ford Models – agency that worked for 60 years-, selected it as one of the 15 most important models that gave the fashion industry of all time.

Daughter of an Italian musician and a Hungarian dancer, Carmen had a difficult and precarious childhood. Married and divorced three times, This fireproof woman ensures that maturity is another stage that we must live with wisdom and serenity, without renouncing to the simple pleasures of life.