Tips And Tricks For Makeup Last Longer In The Carnival-Like

Most women love makeup, as it is a procedure that makes more feminine, confident and of course much prettier, but unfortunately it doesn’t last so long especially in the revelry of carnival, where they all want to seize the moment to dance and end up sweating too much blurring so your makeup, so check out some tips and tricks of how to make it last longer in.

How to make makeup last longer in the carnival

– skin: the indicated base is soft and with spf to protect skin from the sun’s rays. The concealer should be creamy, because better fixed. Then apply a makeup fixer doing the letter “x”, then the letter “t” in the face for better distribution of the product.

– mascara: first is indicated using an eyelash primer, as well as make makeup last it gives more volume, then apply the mask d ´ proof water, because it prolongs the duration avoiding smudges during the revelry.

– shadow: give priority to dry, because the creamy shadows go away with the sweat. Use translucent powder on the eye area, he maximizes the result and the way

In color.

– pencil: use the black pencil at the root of the lower lashes out to vanishing pass a cotton swab over, that prolongs the effect and draws more attention.

– lipstick: iron base or a bit of concealer on the lips, then a lip balm and wait to dry. Throw a little bit of powder on top and then apply the lipstick, this helps keep the lipstick and the lips look dry.

By following these tips in addition to beautiful your makeup will be impeccable, just enjoy the moment.