Tours to Guatemala

Tours to Guatemala

Holidays in Guatemala are as bright and colorful as this unusual country in Central America. The state is rightfully considered the cradle of all civilization, so tours to Guatemala are an opportunity to get closely acquainted with the secrets of the ancient Indian tribes, appreciate the “cocktail” of architectural styles in Antigua and Tigal, marvel at the grandeur of the Sierra Madre and Cuchumatanes mountain ranges.

A beach holiday, which will be offered to Russian tourists by the leading tour operator in Guatemala is an opportunity to spend time on many kilometers of clean beaches at the same time on the shores of two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. Active recreation will be appreciated by fans of surfing, diving and sea deep diving. Comfortable temperatures throughout the year, the best hotels in an original architectural style and many restaurants with spicy local cuisine make a trip to Guatemala very attractive for fans of elite holidays from Moscow and other regions. After all, few countries can offer such a vivid kaleidoscope of impressions as beautiful Guatemala.

Official holidays and days off:
January 1 – New Year.
January 6 – Epiphany.
March-April – Holy Week.
May 1 – Labor Day.
June 30 – Armed Forces Day.
September 15 – Independence Day.
October 12 – Columbus Day (only banks are closed).
October 20 – Revolution Day.
November 1 – All Saints Day.
December 24 – Christmas Eve.
December 25 – Christmas.

Communications and communications:
The international dialing code of the country is 502. The outgoing international code is 00.
Guatemala’s communication system is somewhat outdated, but is currently undergoing significant modernization and expansion. In the capital, the telephone system is noticeably more developed, but even taking this into account, there is only 1 telephone for 17 Guatemalans.
Mobile communication of GSM 800/1900 standard is developed much better than its cable partner and continues to expand rapidly. Operators Comcel (GSM 850), Sercom SA (GSM 1900) and Telefonica Centroamerica Guatemala (GSM 1900) provide almost complete coverage of the country’s territory around the main cities, with the exception of the north-eastern regions of the country.

Citizens of Russia and Ukraine do not need a visa to enter Guatemala for a period not exceeding 90 days.

Flight: from 16 hours + time for connection (depending on the schedule of the airline).

Customs rules:
Import and export of foreign currency is not limited (declaration is required), national – is prohibited. Duty-free import is allowed (for persons over 18 years old), up to 80 cigarettes or about 100 g of tobacco and up to 1.5 liters of alcoholic beverages (but not more than two bottles).
The export of drugs, archaeological treasures, antiques, rare animals and birds, their skins and stuffed animals is prohibited.

Tipping (extra VAT) is usually up to 10% of the invoice value. It is also customary to tip the porter (in the amount of $1-2), the taxi driver (often the fare is simply rounded up) and the guide ($1 per person).

All solitary visits to remote areas and city streets should be avoided, especially at night. Security measures should always be taken against pickpockets, especially in crowded areas or on transport. You should be especially careful not to openly show passports, currency, photo and video equipment, which are objects of increased interest for local criminals. The mountainous regions of the country are completely safe for tourists to visit. In some areas adjacent to the border with Honduras and El Salvador, traveling without a local guide is not recommended.

International health insurance is recommended.
The country has a fairly extensive network of public hospitals, and a large number of private hospitals and clinics. The Guatemalan government is currently implementing an extensive health system development program, but the overall picture is improving rather slowly. It is recommended to bring sunscreen, hats and insect repellent.
All water should be considered potentially unfit for consumption. All water used for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice must be boiled beforehand.
A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is required if the traveler arrives (within 6 days of departure or transit) from a country where the disease is prevalent. Prevention against malaria is recommended – all year round in areas below 1500 m above sea level (highest in Alta Verapaz, Baja Verapan, Ixcan, El Peten and San Marcos).

Mains voltage 115-125 V, 60 Hz. Sockets are American (flat), in the provinces you can often find the European type.

Tours to Guatemala

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