Travel to Sicily, Italy

Travel to Sicily, Italy

Sicily is a cornerstone of Tourist Travel and since 2003 we have arranged trips to a Sicily behind the facade with our small very special accommodations. You get an experience that you do not immediately find elsewhere.

We have traveled Sicily thin and found our small glorious agriturismo, our favorite places, which offer strong local experiences in terms of originality, charm, food and Sicilian smiles. It is not classic luxury in large international hotels, but experiential luxury in the form of nature and culture.

From the very beginning, Sicily has been part of Tourist’s heart – and it’s hard not to agree – southern atmosphere with fragrant lemon groves, narrow streets, calm pace, beautiful landscapes and impressive Greek and Roman ruins. If you want to experience Sicily as it once was – and by the way love original Italian food with an emphasis on the sea’s gifts, glorious spices and wines – then Sicily is the thing. All our resorts have solid facilities, but since many are active olive- citrus or, wineries, it is not certain that there is a nice reception – on the other hand, we experience Sicily up close, and that is exactly what we appreciate. on. Read more about travel to Sicily below and get inspired.

Most of us learn from childhood to find Italy with the fun boot shape on the school’s map of Europe. In the country where you love football, the boot even has a ball to kick to. The “ball” is Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean. The area of ​​the island is 25,710 m2, which is roughly the same size as Jutland (29,777 m2). But Sicily is more densely populated, as the 5,087,000 Sicilians almost correspond to the entire Danish population (5,432,335).

You will experience a jewel of millennial history, mixed with glorious nature and unrivaled accommodation, as well as world-class food and drink with a holiday to Sicily. The history of Sicily is like a novel – born as a Greek colony, invaded by the Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards, each of whom has left behind beautiful architecture and art. For the nature lover, there are good hiking opportunities in the three nature parks. And then, of course, there is Europe’s highest volcano, Etna. Sicily is the paradise of life-lovers, the cities are among Italy’s most peaceful, and they are gladly displayed by friendly inhabitants, who at a leisurely pace proudly lead you around the provincial idyll, where older men meet over a battle shortly after the siesta. With trips to Sicily you can experience fragrant fruits and delicious cakes offered for a candy, and a shrill voice behind a wall shows.

Climate in Sicily and holiday weather

You can definitely travel to the islands of Italy all year round and each season has its own charm and holiday. The following is an overall description of the seasons and their distinctive features and benefits. Sicily’s warm Mediterranean climate is one of the things the island is most famous for. In the south of the island the climate is subtropical with very hot summers and mild winters. Towards the north coast the temperatures are a little lower and it rains more. On Etna there is an alpine climate.

Winter season

The winter (December to mid-March) is quite overlooked and surprising. It is somewhat warmer than in Denmark and the big gain is that you basically have it all to yourself, which gives good opportunities to experience the islands out of season. There may be erratic weather in late winter, but finally remember the almond blossom in February. The average temperature is near 16 degrees in the coldest time, but we have often experienced mild days with up to 20 degrees.


Spring (mid-March, April and May) is almost the most beautiful time of flowering and the most beautiful colors. March is cool and the weather can be choppy. The houses are still not fully heated, but the temperature can rise near a warm Danish summer – and the big gain is that the tourist season has not started yet.

Summer season

Summer (June to early September) is the busy and hot time. June is wonderful. July and August are warmer and busier, you generally have to book well in advance. Summer is the primary travel time. Here it is the primary time for beach holidays, lazing and glorious Mediterranean relaxation.

The fall

Autumn (mid-September to November) is a wonderful travel time. The colors are warm, however, it is more windy and rainy and the weather may be more erratic than the other periods (valid from early October). On the other hand, it is warmer than the early spring and the big gain is the olive harvest, which is primarily in November.

Sicily Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rain 83 67 57 47 22 11 5 17 37 84 82 88
Max. temp. 13 13 15 18 22 25 29 29 26 22 18 14
Mine. temp. 8 8 9 11 14 18 21 22 19 16 13 10

Travel to Sicily, Italy

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