US 310 in Wyoming

US 310 in Wyoming


US 310
Get started greybull
End Frannie
Length 49 mi
Length 79 km
  • Grey¬†Bulllovell
  • Cowley
  • Montana

According to Biotionary, US 310 is a US Highway in the US state of Wyoming. The road forms a north-south route in the central north of the state, between Greybull and the Montana border for a distance of 49 miles (79 kilometers).

Travel directions

Just west of the village of Greybull, US 310 begins at the intersection with triple-numbered US 14 / US 16 and US 20, all of which come from Yellowstone National Park and lead to Sheridan, Buffalo, or Casper. The road begins at about 1,200 meters altitude on the central Wyoming plateau and then leads north through a desolate, almost desert-like area. After about 40 kilometers you reach the valley of the Soshoni River, where agriculture takes place. The road then follows an agricultural valley to the border with Montana. US 310 in Montana then continues toward Billings.


US 310 was one of the original US Highways of 1926. The route has always run between Greybull, Wyoming and Laurel, Montana. US 310 is a rarity in the numbering of US Highways because it is an east-west number but runs on a north-south route. The number US 310 is a reminder that US 10 once passed through Wyoming.

Traffic intensities

2,000 vehicles run daily between Greybull and Lovell and 2,300 to 4,600 vehicles between Lovell and Cowley. Up to the border with Montana, 1,700 vehicles a day drive.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park
The Landscape of Yellowstone
Land United States
Place Wyoming, Idaho and Montana
Regio North America and Europe
World Heritage since 1978
Status Non-threatened
Type Nature
More information
UNESCO World Heritage List

Yellowstone National Park is a nature park in Wyoming, United States of approximately 9,000 km¬≤ (which is slightly smaller than North and South Holland combined!). The park is located in a ‘bowl’ (caldera) that was created after the eruption of the Yellowstone volcano.

The park

The park was established on March 1, 1872 by then President Ulysses Grant. It contains many animal species. The park is special, because it is completely located in a volcanic area. There are over 10,000 hot springs and about 200 geysers. Most geysers only shoot once every few months, but the ‘Old Faithful’ geyser in the park shoots a column of 45 meters of water into the air on average once every 92 minutes. There are also many rivers and Yellowstone Lake in the park.

The Vulcano

Beneath the park lies one of the largest volcanoes in the world. The volcano erupts on average once every 600,000 years. An eruption of this volcano throws much more volcanic ash into the air than with smaller volcanoes. If the Yellowstone volcano were to erupt, so much ash could be blown into the atmosphere that a nuclear winter (also known as a mini-ice age) could occur. The ash would then block a lot of sunlight and thus cool the earth.

Green River (rivier)

The location of the Green River

The Green River is a river in the United States. The Green River is a tributary of the Colorado, of which it is a tributary. The Green River flows through the states of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado.

Little Missouri

The location of the Little Missouri

The Little Missouri is a river in the United States. The river flows through the states of Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The river flows into the Missouri.

US 310 in Wyoming

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